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Out too late + Fear

Aunt Veronica, Taylor, spanking, f/f, otk, hairbrush, caning, severe, tattoos

After suffering several hard spankings from her Aunt Veronica, Taylor went looking for dirt on her aunt that would allow her to escape her clutches. While going through her Aunt's belongings, she found many an implement of discipline that indicated her Aunt's avocation. Before Taylor could leave the room, she was found by her Aunt. Veronica took her bratty niece down stairs, affixed her to the library stairs with rope, and gave her a sound beating on her panties with a think leather paddle. Then her panties were lowered and a thin cane was used with stokes coming in rapid succession.Tied tightly to the antique library stairs, Taylor could do nothing but feel the pain of the cane that landed with the regularity of a well-functioning heart. After her punishment was concluded, Veronica was left tied in place to contemplate how violating Aunt Veronica's privacy is something to fear.

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