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Blood and Water

Natasha Byrne, spanking, m/f, caning, prison, uniform

Prisoner Natasha Byrne is bent over a trestle - her short tunic has ridden up her back to reveal a black knickered clad bottom. The cell door opens and a shadow falls over her - it's the Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison. He has a problem that needs sorting immediately. It is now common knowledge that Prisoner Natasha Byrne and one of his trainee Prison Officers, Zoe Harrison are sisters. As he explains to Natasha, this situation could make it a conflict of interests for Prison Officer Zoe Harrison, who has already proved herself to be a very good Prison Officer - but he has arranged a test for her.The Governor tells Zoe that in order to prove that Natasha being her sister is not going to interfere with her carrying out her duties as a prison officer - she will have to cane Natasha. The Governor refers to Natasha as a scumbag drug dealer. Zoe is eager to prove her allegiance to the Governor and her fellow prison officers. However, as she hasn't actually caned anyone before, the Governor demonstrates the use of the cane. She is quick to learn and gives her younger sister a caning that turns her bottom bright red.Eventually the Governor feels she has proved her worth and leaves her to unfasten the straps that are tying Natasha to the trestle and escort her back to her cell.

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