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Another Warm Welcome

Nikita Raffell, uniform, prison, spanking, m/f, paddle, caning

The sound of raised voices and Prisoner Nikita Raffell realises that peace has been shattered. She had a cell all to herself and had wanted it to stay that way, but the Prison Officers had other ideas. Now here was this loud-mouthed girl who was to be her new cellmate, wisely she kept quiet - biding her time. Prison Officer Lewis and Prison Officer Bradley bring prisoner Woods into her new home - she is complaining loudly because she's been cooped up in a cattle truck for seven hours and desperately needs a piss.Unfortunately, the Prison Officers are unsympathetic. She has a plastic bag with her personal possessions but as is the rule in prison, her odds and ends must be checked. Prison Officer Bradley finds a bottle of perfume and confiscates it - prisoners are not allowed to have anything made of glass. The prison officers are fed up with her constant cheek and by mutual agreement decide a session of the cane may sort the problem. She's forced to bend over a chair, her black regulation prison knickers are pulled down to mid thigh and Prison Officer Bradley applies the thin whippy cane to her bare bottom.She is to receive twelve strokes. Then the prison officers agree that she should be grateful to them for taking the trouble to show her right from wrong - therefore, it would only be right if she was to thank them after each stroke of the cane. Her poor bottom is getting really sore so she understands that being loud and sarcastic is not in her best interest, so she temporarily obeys them without question. While all this is going on, Prisoner Raffell is lying on her bunk watching what is going on but saying nothing.Having made their point, the two prison officers leave the two girls together. Prisoner Woods has been allocated the top bunk - she climbs up to it, then leaning down she informs Prisoner Raffell that she is to be the boss in that cell and threatens to use violence if the other girl doesn't agree. Raffell is frightened and starts screaming for help. Prison Officers Bradley and Lewis come charging into the cell wondering what the commotion is about. However, because they already know it is just a ploy by Raffell to have a cell of her own they turn on her and it is now her turn to bend over the chair while Prison Officer Lewis uses a leather paddle to give her a very sore bottom.Punishment over, the two girls are left alone. They are told they will have to get on or else...

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