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Gina's First Caning

Spanking and caning preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Gina

Oh Gina, wait till Headmaster Tom sees what you are watching. Whatever she is watching is getting her all excited. Her hand finds its way into her pyjama top and she rolls her nipple between her forefinger and thumb. As the young lady on the video is nearing her climax, with a lot of shrieks and moans, Gina's hand heads South into her pyjama bottoms and finding her clit she too is getting close to an orgasm. Now HM Tom is showing her the error of her ways. She's only been at Girls Boarding School for a week and she's already breaking the rules.No porn is allowed at HM Tom's Institution. She is bent over the table with her bare bottom up high and rounded, in the perfect position for a caning. The cane comes down on her creamy white bottom, changing it to a deep shade of red. Although she cries out and flinches, she stays in position. To humiliate her further, HM Tom tells her to thank him after each stroke. For the last few strokes, she is told to bend down with her hands clasped behind her knees. This makes her bottom more taut and so it is much more painful for her.Back in her room, lying on her tummy on her bed, she is trying to rub away the smarting of her caned bottom.

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