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Cassy LearnsHer Lesson

Spanking and caning preview, video and images, from Cheerleader Spankings, with:Cassy

We are pleased to introduce a new girl who has never been seen anywhere online... Until now! At just twenty years old, Cassy Lau is sure to become a very popular spanking model across our entire network. 'Sassy' Cassy is new to the cheer squad and has already caused a disruption to the team. She has fallen in with the bad crowd so Coach Lake decides to have a special one to one meeting with her. His aim is to remind her of her of the huge disrespect she is showing to the squad's colors and endangering her own scholarship if this behavior continues.Corporal Punishment is the method Coach Lake prefers to use and Cassy is under no illusion as he orders her to place herself over the desk for a hard hand spanking. He scolds and lectures her as his spanking gets harder, first over her tight panties... Then with her pert bottom fully bared and exposed. He decides that Cassy should receive twelve strokes of the cane as a reminder of what to expect if this type of behavior does not improve immediately! These are hard strokes that mark and leave visible welts across her beautiful tight cheeks.Sassy Cassy no longer answers back and complies very quickly when Coach Lake wields the cane!

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