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A Submissive's Weak Spot

Moxie, bdsm, caning, spanking, straitjacket

Moxie can take a SEVERE beating, including spanking, caning, large paddles, hairbrushes and belts. Even on her pussy and breasts. Even while her butt is stuffed up with a suppository and a pig-tail plug.She isnota pain slut, i.e. Someone who truly enjoys pains. She suffers the pain, at times to the point of noticeable shaking, but she truly wants to be a good slave, and do whatever it takes to please her Master.However, enemas TERRORIZE her to the point of uncontrollable crying and sobbing! She cries nonstop while she soaks up an enema bag, in hogtie bondage in a straitjacket and spreader bar.When freed at last, shes gone for good, saying that this is her first and last enema! She was never seen again...

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