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Corporal Punishments with the Cane

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On this site, everything is about the cane, the most dreaded spanking implement you can use for punishing a disobedient girl. Applied on the bare bottom, with a minimum of 20 full force strokes, this implement truly works miracles when you try to turn a naughty little brat into an obedient and well-behaving lady. So if you don't mind - or probably even enjoy - watching beautiful young faces drowned in tears, together with sore bottoms covered all over with welts, or if you only want to learn how to apply the cane on a girl's naked buttocks properly and correctly, then please go ahead and check out these free caning video clips and photo galleries.

Updated on March 18, 2019

Todays Caning Mix

March 17Stripped nude, Michaela McGowen caned lying on her back in a new Director's Cut!Michaela McGowen totally naked and caned! Her athletic legs are high above her head as she lies back over the arm of a sofa, jutting buttocks perfectly positioned for Cindy Wallace's stinging cane.
March 15Password Not WorkingMiss Simpson is livid that one of her highest paying customers is complaining about Faes email to him. Faye apologizes but is told she must be dealt with in the way they deal with naughty Employees: A bare bottom spanking and caning.
March 14Teacher In TroubleShe is being reviewed by her superiors and they are unsatisfied due to her level of leniency with her students. She is bared and is given a blistering handspanking from the Headmaster, before having a very sound caning which she takes with as much grace as she is able to muster.
March 12The Story Of Four Delinquent Girls - Girl 3 - KaylethThis is the story of the third girl to face her first session of punishment. This time it's the turn of Kayleth. She is a young lady who has never had a cold caning is the most likely to be a cry baby.
Denali gets a warning this will be the last timeBent over the punishment bench the first strokes on top of her fishnet tights sting. The bottom is now bare and the rest of the full force strokes are administered. Denali knows how to take a caning and so these strokes are well spaced and timed.
The Whipped MaidA stolen coin has been found in the room of Blake, one of the maids. When confronted she pleads family trouble, and begs for mercy. But iIt won't save her from a punishment of 50 cold strokes of the cane.
Very pretty girl lifts her evening dress and bares her bottom for the cane - deep welts and stripesVery pretty girl lifts her evening dress and bares her bottom for the cane - deep welts and stripes
Best of Delirious Hunter - Part 2She screamed and cried, but the end was near when on the ninth stroke she suddenly felt the strap land on her tender anus. She screamed 'You hit my butt hole!' This was forbidden, as the punisher has the right to strike anywhere. She was made to remain in position as her anus was cropped and caned.
Tearful Angel's Severe PunishmentThis is the most severe spanking film I have ever filmed. In this real life discipline film, her good friend Johnny deals with this. Her bottom marks up and welts severely as she cries. She is one sorry little girl.
Teen slut brutally caned on her naked young cheeks - deep purple bruisingTeen slut brutally caned on her naked young cheeks - deep purple bruising
Belle's Hard LessonAfter Belle's punishment, she is very sorry and sobbing real tears as she promises to be a good girl and follow the rules. How embarrassing it is for her to be caned by headmaster in front of her father at school!
Cowering young girl caned severely on the bare - hot stripes and deep weltsCowering young girl caned severely on the bare - hot stripes and deep welts
No sex at GBSSince several weeks Simone is sneaking out of Girls Boarding School at night, meeting a stranger man downhill in the City for having kinky sex with him, as the diary explicitly details! A severe corporal punishment for Simone, resulting into a swollen bottom covered with weals.
Spanking in the WoodsLana Lopez is walking home after the party, at which she was spanked by Veronica. Amelea Dark is a new girl who is trying to stop Lana from leaving. But Lana puts Amelea over her knee in the woods and spanks her with her hand and a switch till her bottom turns red
Skinny young girl receiving harsh punishments from her Mistress' handsSkinny young girl receiving harsh punishments from her Mistress' hands
Sunnie's Spanking ShowreelIn order to demonstrate her ability to take punishment to a prospective client of the acting agency she works for, the manager decides to punish her severely, with multiple implements including several canes. The process was recorded on a showreel and we're happy to say we managed to obtain a copy!
Caned for her debt
Elle's detention caningThis is a stunning debut performace at Triple A featuring Elle Bea. She is the Head Girl and had been in so much trouble recently that she was about to lose that status but not before a final caning after school hours. Ella had already received no less than 2 previous punishments that same day.
Outdoor CaningWatching Television, rather than doing the yard work? No girl, NOT a good idea! Watch Vanessa bent over with her buttocks exposed, receiving a hard caning outdoor in the garden for her disobedience.
Big assed naked blonde caned and ashamed in the kitchen - deep purple stripesBig assed naked blonde caned and ashamed in the kitchen - deep purple stripes
Inappropriate reading materialHe is far from pleased when he sees her enjoying this highly inappropriate reading material for a schoolgirl of her age! Adriana is sassy to start with but soon feels embarrassed after the spanking begins and her panties are pulled down making her feel vulnerable and scared!
Bad Influence Stevie RoseHe is sick to his back teeth of hearing her name again and again whenever there is trouble, discord or influential poor behavior of the other girls. Coach bends her over and gives her ten swift, mean, heavy strokes of the thick dragon cane across her bare bottom.
Spanking in PrisonPrison Spanking Video Previews for: Party at the Halfway House, Part 2. Refusing to eat, Part 1. New Kid on the Block, Part 3. The complete Bars & Stripes Collection at Spanked in Uniform.
Truth & caneJess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane.
Severely caned Russian Beauty - Real TearsIn this video you will see one of the hardest young girl canings ever filmed in Russia.
Personal Trainer's PunishmentShe was spanked to start with then placed on the bench, mouth gagged to keep her more compliant and then a variety of implements, both leather and wooden, were used across her bottom including the dreaded bathbrush, carpet beater & A horrible looking tawse!
Apricot's PunishmentApricot takes her cane strokes cold, while she stands with her elbows resting on her knees in a stress position that sticks her curvy bottom out beautifully. It isn't long before she has red lines on her bottom and real tears streaming down her face.
Violence Is Not The AnswerSent straight from the Hockey field, where her response to an unfair tackle was rather more violent than was appropriate, Cherry is about to learn the hard way that violence in school will not be tolerated.
A Hard Caning for AliceAnother week and another fantastic new girl at Triple A Spanking. This is a serious punishment and depending on how she reacts to him in this meeting, including how Alice takes her severe caning will determine whether he signs the expulsion papers placed in front of her - or not.
Mackenzie's TearsMackenzie never felt so humiliated being punished like this and by the time of her caning, she is crying real tears! She promises to do much better and be a productive member of the squad from now on!
Luscious babe spanked slippered and caned on her firm ripe assLuscious babe spanked slippered and caned on her firm ripe ass
Brutal caning for beautiful girl - terrific naked ass covered in deep welts and stripesBrutal caning for beautiful girl - terrific naked ass covered in deep welts and stripes
Pretty girl in tears - searing cane strokes on her soft white buttocksPretty girl in tears - searing cane strokes on her soft white buttocks
Six Stinging Strokes Of The Cane For Belinda, Held Totally Nude On Helen's BackReform Academy delivers a memorable double nude caning with Belinda Lawson hoisted off her toes on Helen Stephens' back. Both are totally naked as Earl Grey swings the cane: it's serious discipline for theft at work. Reaction Cam and slow-motion replays capture every bottom quivering second!
Last Day of the MonthPulling down her pyjama bottoms, she lies face down over the pile of bedding; Her smooth pink bottom awaits her punishment. HM Tom puts the cane to good use. Bringing it down hard on her bottom, causing lines and welts to appear.
Fantasy or RealityThis is a schoolgirl discipline film with a difference. A hard, painful wooden paddling on her bare bottom. In walks her teacher with a heavy cane who promises Rosie that she will feel 12 hard strokes which you will see is done in an authentic & Traditional no nonsense 'matter of fact' way!
Welcome to the NeighborhoodWhen Stevie Rose finally moves into the apartment complex, she is greeted by Eori Stix and Kay Richards, both of whom she spanked instead of giving them a ticket. However, they both received the tickets in the mail, so there is no choice but to gang up and spank Stevie as retribution.
An extra long caningAn extra long caning. Tied to the punishment bench, fully naked, for a long and hard caning. Poor girl!
Saffy CrotchedAfter caning Woods until her bottom is bright red and very sore, the truth comes out or partially. Woods explains to Matron that when McKenna came into prison the two girls struck up a friendship. During conversation they found they had some mutual friends on the outside.
Lola watched as she is canedOnly the cane will give sufficient pain and I happen to know she hates to be caned. No problem. I bend her over and I do really lay the cane on her, the watching builders asked me to be a little more gentle but, no, she gets it hard.
Mood Pictures - Fear8 Females and 1 Male wake up in an unknown prison. They don't know how they got there, and they don't know each other either. During the following 7 days they become subjects of a human experiment. Features the humiliation and physical pain of our most beautiful models.
A Very Tearful DetentionThis is deeply personal and so humiliating that it brings tears to both girls! It is a tearful detention punishment that these young ladies will not forget, which is the whole point as this is their final chance to remain in school!
Delta's Double DisciplineThese strokes of the cane are severe and make Delta wince (check out her reactions) as she regrets ever trying to steal again. She learns an important lesson as you will discover in this latest debut feature with gorgeous rock chick, Delta Hauser.
Rascal and the caneWhen you borrow money from the Strapped for Cash loan company you have to pay it back. Naked she is made to bend over and her tender young bottom subjected to its first ever caning.
New Resident LouiseHe tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.
A Double CaningThe two girls are told to change places - now it's Kami Robertson who is bent over the desk and is being spanked on her bare bottom with a leather paddle. The reasoning behind this is that as friends Kami is the dominant one - so Lovell would not want her friend to suffer and would confess.
Topless Schoolgirl Caning - Ashley LaneThe cane cuts through the air, whistling before impact. Cutting a painful welt as the strokes fall methodically across her bottom and thighs. Building intensity, Ashley Lane finally breaks down. Clenching, dancing and howling in pain as she tries to steel herself for the next strokes.
Sentenced to be canedHe gives her six strokes of the cane on her jeans covered bottom. 'Trousers down!' he barks at her, 'and get back in position'. The cane strikes her knickered bottom several times. When he pulls her knickers down, she protests, but is told to shut up.
New Resident PaulinaHer friend on the other side of the world can hear her screams of pain as the cane lands on her sore red cheeks. Handing the phone to HM Tom she is ordered to kneel on the armchair and it is in that position she is left to repeat ten times?
A Damp Day in DerbyshireNimue and Janna seemed to think that the whole thing was hillarious, but he had a way to put an end to their giggling, and access to a school cane, as well...
A serious caning while masturbationA serious caning while masturbation
Punished at the Border Part 2It's another day of severe discipline with border cop Veronica Ricci when she finds that sexy Ashley Lane was smuggling contraband over the border. At least she thought she was. The punishment includes the whip, hand, hairbrush, can, paddle and wooden bath brush.
The Best of Ami Mercury - Vol 1 - Part 2She subjected her stepdaughter to a humiliating spanking. One that started over her dress, then panties, and finally bare bottom. After giving Ami a good spanking, Audrey required her stepdaughter to kneel on the couch for several whacks of a large wooden paddle.
Someone Has To Get ItAmy Cawcliffe is one of the six who have never been caned and is unlucky enough that the other five have surnames beginning with letters after C, so she finds herself at the top of Mr Kennedy's list and summoned to his office for a severe and totally arbitrary caning.
Schoolgirl spanked, caned and humiliatedSchoolgirl spanked, caned and humiliated
The HumiliationShe swears but under her breath - Matron has very sharp hearing and uses a cane on her poor bottom. The cane keeps making contact with her wriggling bottom until she says sorry. However, both Matron and Officer Lewis suddenly become deaf and say they can't hear her, so she has to keep repeating it.
Corrective Discipline For TenShe is bent over, bottom out and exposed as the first of twelve biting strokes hits her bared flesh. She wants to cry out but knows that she has let down the other girls so grits her teeth and takes each nasty, mean, calculated stroke.
Paddling for Slave Girl and Dominant TraineeHer Master marks her yummy butt with a paddle that leaves a SLUT impression! He also whips her, paddles her pussy and slips a suppository up her ass. He uses a hair brush to paddle her, and then shoves the handle up her pussy and her ass!
Kami Robertson - The ConfessionShe is strapped down to a spanking bench, by her wrists and ankles. A cane comes cracking down on her bare bottom, causing her to cry out at each stroke and try to break free from her bonds. They keep asking her to tell them who were the prisoners who fed her the lies about prison life.
Out too late + FearVeronica took her bratty niece down stairs, affixed her to the library stairs with rope, and gave her a sound beating on her panties with a think leather paddle. Then her panties were lowered and a thin cane was used with stokes coming in rapid succession.
By Order Of The Court - Part OneFour girls convicted of offences of violence and prostitution are sentenced to severe corporal punishment by the court.
Stevie Craves The Cane - Full Force, Full Nude Caning DisciplineBeautiful Stevie Rose lays nude across the bed, her pretty bottom thrust up over two pillows. The Cane falls rhythmically , crying out as the harsher strokes burn deeply. She rides around in agony, obediently thrusting her bottom up, encouraging him to do his worst.
New Resident NatashaLosing patience with her, he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her knickers, while punctuating each spank with the words that corporal punishment is a universal language. Even while over his knee, she is defiant and protesting loudly.
Sign At The Bottom - Northern SpankingIt seems that Ashley has been trying to do room charges at the hotel bar and restaurants by simply writing random rooms that are not her own. Ashley doesn't want to get kicked out of the hotel and miss the rest of the event, so when that is suggested she asks him if there is some other way he can deal with this.
Punishment Methodology 5In this series we explain all punishment methods known by our respected experts. In this special episode we guide you through a full obedience training of our toughest slave girl. If you think you need to learn more about slave training, this is the film you should watch first.
Kiki Spanked and Caned at SchoolKiki reluctantly bends over his desk and takes down her shorts for a hard hand spanking over her panties. Next it is right to the bare bottom for an even harder spanking before she gets the cane across her very red very sore bottom. She has learned this lesson the hard way.
Office punishment for young misbehaving cutiesOffice punishment for young misbehaving cuties
Severe caning for beautiful girl - bright scarlet buttocksSevere caning for beautiful girl - bright scarlet buttocks
Superglue prank gets Lisa Langley's bare bottom a 12-stroke caningA well-striped bottom is the best way of getting the attention of a rebellious student who thinks putting glue on pillows is a fun prank. Lisa, stunning in school uniform, reluctantly bends over a sofa in Attitude Adjustment for John Friday to cane her bare cheeks until she is truly sorry.
Spanked Strapped and Caned into ShapeFitness and Lifestyle Coach, Lily Swan, has been feeling sorry for herself by eating junk food instead of her usual strict dietary regimen that she teaches others. See Lily Swan in another hot video punishment from our special 'Exercise and Discipline' series.
Lottie InterviewLottie has a few years of spanking experience and has gotten used to the humiliation of spanking and really enjoys this business. During this interview Peter puts Lottie over his knee and hand spanks her and rubs her red bare bottom and then the cane comes out for a little more.
The Milgram Experiment 4Our successful Milgram Experiment series (based on a real Yale University experiment) returns with its fourth installment. Female volunteers are tested how cruel they are, how far they go when their task is to punish another female for failing in a test. Will any of the outsiders obey?
The Judge & The CaneLola Marie now faces the second part of her trial before the Judge at home, and this time there are serious accusations that follow her appearance as a surprise kissogram at a wedding party, and having had sex with the bride groom.
Impressive six of the best with a cane for Helen Stephens, touching her toesNaval discipline is tough, it has to to be. Two ratings are sent to retired Capt Johnson for punishment, but even during a nude caning Belinda Lawson can't help provoking him. She earns another six of the best for Helen Stephens, who's ordered to touch her toes totally naked.
The Final ExamsMaggy has failed her final exams at school and has lost her chance to attend University. Alex demonstrates with the cane, what she can expect as a daily procedure for the coming year, should she fail any exam.
Mood Castings TrailerPreview Trailer from our Flagship Site Mood Castings, where amateur girls and women receive the caning of their life, at a minimum of 50 most severe strokes with the heavy cane.
Making An Example Of SydneySenior girl Sydney has been returned to school, having been seen in a liquor store. Not only that, ALL the girls were banned from the local town center at lunchtime following complaints. And now an example has to be made...
Shoeshine GirlWhen Headmaster Tom tells her to take down her trousers, the camera reveals her bruised and blistered cheeks, with red angry welts all over her madly gyrating bottom. And it just doesn't stop for this poor brat? Further fierce strokes with the cane to come on her naked buttock!
12 strokes of the cane, bare bottom, makes Amelia Rutherford sore and sorryRoyal disciplinarian Philip Johnson uses a rattan cane on her bare bottom:12 strokes will deliver results and stripe her buttocks as a reminder. Full Reaction Cam replay shows every moment, in her wedding underwear!
The Double Trouble VideoThe girls were suitably embarrassed when confronted and they quickly submitted to his unique form of harsh and humiliating discipline when they knew he had their personal items too. They both took a caning and watched each other take a hard wooden paddling.
LockedHer bottom is already bare, so he puts her over his knee for the obligatory hand spanking. He then moves onto using the cane. First the thick cane, then the thinner more whippy cane, that is much quicker.
Bad Secretary: Day TwoArielle Lane is acting up at work again, even though her boss Snow Mercy had spanked her last year. So this day, the punishment will be even more extreme then last time. Arielle is given a hand spanking in the office first, then must bend over the desk so that Snow can give her a hard caning.
2 schoolgirls thrashed severely OTK and with the wooden paddle2 schoolgirls thrashed severely OTK and with the wooden paddle
Religious NuttersThey kiss a little before Pandora takes down her jeans and goes over the knee and Catherine gives some good hard hand spanks! But they get caught by Mr Cameron, so the ladies must bend over the couch bottoms up for a good spanking with the strap!
A Spanking, Yes Please! Part TwoThe sexy scene continues as Lillian takes more paddling. Things get intense when Chelsea decides it's time for a caning! After that stinging experience, Chelsea follows up with a sound strapping. Wow!
Severe Judicial Singapore CaningLily and Elle have been caught selling firearms in Singapore. They are to be secretly caned and then be deported. Elle, as the accomplice will receive 12 strokes and Lily will receive 24 for being the ringleader.
Player or poserIsobel admitted that she wanted to experience more pain & Pleasure derived from a session and so Johhny used his trademark deer skin Floggers, expertly caressing her with just the tips of the flails before she experienced his preferred Reformatory Strap and canes...
Off Key - Group PunishmentBut Cupcake and Maddy were truly responsible for this whole debacle, and Mr. Lewis feels that the two of them should know better than to have behaved the way they did. So, with all eyes on them, Cupcake is made to bend over for a caning.
Delta Howser touches her toes for an epic, eye-watering 15-stroke finale caningBent over touching her toes, long legs straight, head up and looking to the front, hot artist Delta Howser waits for John Friday to use a cane on her barely protected bottom. 'I felt really vulnerable bent over waiting as he swished the cane about,' admits Delta. Maybe now she will work harder!
Caned by the pool side on her big beautiful ass - hot stripesCaned by the pool side on her big beautiful ass - hot stripes
Pain Slut MaintenanceLily Swan requires a routine of various spanking and maintenance punishments to keep her rebooted and she is never happy unless her bottom has a constant reminder of further consequences in her private life if she strays from her disciplinary path.
Caning & Beer EnemasA male Master helps her explore her pain-slut side with a rough treatment that includes a brutal caning, beer enemas directly from the bottle, a large bag enema, clothespins, spanking, paddling, hot wax, lit candles up her pussy & ass, and pussy drilling with a drilldo (a sex machine.)
The Other School at Dreams of SpankingTruancy is grounds for corporal punishment, and headmaster Paul Kennedy summons both schoolgirls to the gym for a cold caning. As all the girls are at fault, they each receive six hard cane strokes on her bare bottom, while the others look on in wincing solidarity.
She will never learnIt seems that she has again done something to upset Mr Thompson who is now relying on HM Tom to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. He invites him to stay on the phone so that he can hear her being caned. The cane makes contact with Sally's bottom, causing her to cry out loudly.
The Naughty StepdaughterBelle has never been spanked by her strict stepmom, but it's time. Strict Miss Svenson takes her naughty stepdaughter, Belle, over her lap for a hard hand spanking before giving her 6 very hard cane strokes that have her crying out in pain.
Back againLook who is sitting there at Girls Boarding School again, with a heavy list of offenses, misconducts and wrongdoings in the past 24 months, including multiple times in prison! So a reset to zero for Claire, to start all over again, to learn how a young lady is expected to behave.
Bare bottom caning for Amelia Rutherford is a challenge she's willing to acceptInvited to the country club with Dr Grey, how can Amelia Rutherford refuse his offer of a caning to make sure she behaves properly? It's a flimsy excuse to bend the statuesque Amelia over his desk and lay a springy cane 12 times across her bare buttocks.
Red Red RedThe carpet beater and the cane, full force on her bared buttocks! When Irelynn is leaving the Headmaster's office in tears she at least leaves with the 'good' feeling that bruises are guaranteed at least for the next full week.
Senior nurse disciplineShe took the strokes anyway as he reminded her of the alternative right there and then. Watch Audrey, looking so cute in that nursing outfit getting a punishment she thought she had grown out of.
Amelia Rutherford's caning finale is as spectacular as we'd expect from this star!Her pleasure in punishment from Dr Earl Grey leads her to submit to a blistering, bare bottom-striping 18 strokes of the cane, adding six extra herself before a final hand spanking and blissful surrender.

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