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The caning of disobedient girls

UPDATED June 17 On this site, everything is about the cane, the most dreaded spanking implement you can use for punishing a disobedient girl.

Applied on the bare bottom, with a minimum of 20 full force strokes, this implement truly performs miracles when you try to turn a naughty little brat into an obedient and well-behaving lady. So if you don?t mind - or probably even enjoy - watching beautiful young faces drowned in tears, together with sore bottoms covered all over with welts, or if you only want to learn how to apply the cane on a girl?s naked buttocks properly and correctly, then please go ahead and check out these free caning video clips and photo galleries. Join our Free Newsletter

  Failure Pudding Part 3 - Nora Riley - In this final installment of Nora Riley's livefeed we start with some absolution. The Insex crew tries to get Nora to understand why she's being caned. Somehow even though submission is supposed to be her forte she is unable to express why she needs to be taught a lesson. The tears drip from her face. The embarrassment of being a failure and being stupid in front of all the members has really set in. The first few strokes get her screaming though London is barely touching Nora's porcelain skin. It doesn't bode well that Nora can barely handle the smallest of hits. Yet another failure. The culmination of Nora's anal training comes in the form of a giant red and black cock. Laying on her back she's told to put it in her butt. It's been done before on Infernal Restraints with Laya Falcon. It's a big dick so Nora is given some time to push it through. Unfortunately Nora just isn't that good. In fact we've struggled to find what she's good at and it seems that failure is the only thing Nora has a knack for. To conclude our livefeed Nora is strapped into the spanking bench. She gets an asshook which is tied to her hair. To mirror her failures we give her some pudding. Nora can barely stomach it. Yet another way in which she fails. The only thing left to do is fuck her face. The dildo slides in and out without mercy. Nora fails us for the last time! In a BDSM scene humiliation is one of the most intense activities though it may seem trivial. The emotional impact of a heavy humiliation session can last far beyond the marks left by a heavy impact scene. Nora proved throughout this shoot that she is a good submissive and a great humiliation slut. She took everything that we dished out without asking to stop. She deserves our admiration and respect.


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  Outdoor caning for buxom blonde - hot stripes and welts
  Very pretty girl lifts her evening dress and bares her bottom for the cane - deep welts and stripes
  Naked blonde in the kitchen strapped across her open palms - flowing hot tears
  Skinny young girl receiving harsh punishments from her Mistress' hands
  Big assed naked blonde caned and ashamed in the kitchen - deep purple stripes
  Cowering young girl caned severely on the bare - hot stripes and deep welts
  Outdoor shameful caning for girl in tears - ripe buttocks striped pink
  Lazy girl sripped naked in the field and relentlessly caned on her very cute bottom
  Caned by the pool side on her big beautiful ass - hot stripes
  Brutal caning on firm young buttocks in the garden - tearful teen in pain
  Outdoor caning for pretty girl on her buxom ripe buttocks - deep red stripes
  Slutty blonde caned severely naked on her bared bottom

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The Naval & Military Cane
HDuniformcaningspankinggroup punishment

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A bare bottom spanking to make Alison Miller's eyes water in Spanking Challenge
HDwooden paddlestrapf/fspankingcaning

We all know Alison Miller can take a spanking! Now Natalie Rose challenges her to take multiple implements in a fearsome challenge, including a wooden hairbrush, leather and wooden paddles, kitchen spatulas, a riding crop, multiple straps and a cane. Will Alison's bouncing bare bottom survive such a sound tanning?

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  68.5 %
Harley's Punishment
HDspankingm/fwooden paddlecaning

This is a hard, no nonsense punishment film. Harleys behavior has been out of line recently, and she knows it. Hopefully, a severe punishment will get her back on track. First, Paul spanks her over his knee, reddening her bottom nicely. Then, Harley is made to stand and bend over for ten hard swats with a stinging wooden paddle on her bare bottom. The paddling leaves Harleys bottom marked and brings her to the point of real tears, but her punishment is not over. After standing in time out to ...

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  75.7 %
Dreams of Spanking - The Cane in the Cupboard

This hot F/F caning film is based on a true story. It's 1984, and the cane has been banned - but that won't stop sadistic probation officer Molly Malone giving Nimue Allen an undeserved punishment caning.

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  52.1 %
Severe Judicial Singapore Caning
HDspankingcaningf/fseveregroup punishmentm/f

Lily and Elle have been caught selling firearms in Singapore. Normally women would receive a lengthy prison sentence. Lily's mother is a senior member of the American government and the authorities are keen to avoid an international incident. They are to be secretly caned and then be deported. Elle, as the accomplice will receive 12 strokes and Lily will receive 24 for being the ringleader. Ahead of the severe physical punishment, a psycholgical deterrant of a humiliating medical examination, ...

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Welcome back Zooey
HDspankingm/fdiaper positionstrapcaningstockings

This is an amazing triple session in this unique scenario. Please welcome back Zooey Zara in a special 3 stage spanking, strapping & caning that focuses on how Zooey processes and perceives her various sensations, both good and bad. Zooey is a natural painslut, a fabulous and unique young lady who we were fortunate to film with again! This special film covers an intimate and unusual spanking position, with an intense warm up of her cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Nothing is missed and she is ...

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The real penalty

She was late from leave. The real penalty for being late. 50 harsh lashes, real spanking.

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The School Cane for Verity Trailer
spankingm/fcaningpalm punishment

Verity does like to play act, she adores being in the roll of another person and for this part of her introduction to the world of spanking and CP she wanted to be a schoolgirl. She did in fact bring her old school uniform along to the shoot. She was to be caned, she did not know how she would take a hard caning and indeed the headmaster did lay it on very hard. She does have a lovely firm pert bottom and the cane did cause her some pain but she took every one of her allotted cane strokes.

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  78.5 %
English Education 12

No description available yet.

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  59.7 %
Grand finale 24-stroke military caning for Belinda Lawson

Belinda proves her super-stardom after 18 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom in Military Discipline. She's disrespectful to Colonel Grey and earns an extra six of the best, a total of 24 strokes! Slow-motion replay and Reaction Cam show every moment of this epic buttock striping finale. Belinda tells us what she thinks, too.

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  58.2 %

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